Additional Services & Benefits


Notary Public Service

We offer free notary service for members at any location for your convenience.

Wire Transfers

With proper wiring information and your signature, we can wire funds to another financial institution for you. If you wire funds routinely to the same institution, please ask us about our Recurring Wire Program.

Prepaid Legal Service

We offer our members the opportunity to become a part of a Group Legal Service Plan. This plan offers the services of licensed Pensacola attorneys with the law firm of Staples, Ellis & Associates. Visit their website to learn more about Staples, Ellis & Associates.
 Staples, Ellis, Law

Sprint Cell Phone Discount Plan

Are you tired of paying too much for your cell phone plan?  As a member of Florida State Employees Federal Credit Union, you are eligible to receive extra discounts and benefits with Sprint!  Sprint has phones, PDAs, push to talk, data service plans, music downloads, TV and more!  Plus, Sprint puts your family's safety first with the Sprint Family Locator which uses GPS to locate your child's phone and Drive First which automatically detects when a phone is in a moving vehicle and locks the phone to prevent access to distractions.  Learn more about the Sprint Credit Union Discount Plan by visiting the informational page linked below!

Visit Sprits Website to Save

Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep your valuables safe in one of our safe deposit boxes located at our Nine Mile Road office. Several sizes are available to meet your needs.

VISA® Gift CardsVISA Gift Cards

For any occasion - a wedding, a shower, a birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, you can't go wrong with VISA® Gift Cards! It's prepaid, so there's no overspending, and it includes all the protection and security features you've come to expect from VISA®. Gift cards come in any denomination of your choice from $10 to $1000. See a Member Service Representative for details.

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