Courtesy Pay is an overdraft protection service that allows the credit union to overdraw your checking account to pay insufficient items up to your Courtesy Pay limit as long as your account qualifies.

  • All members who qualify may be granted a Courtesy Pay overdraft limit of 50% of their prior months total deposits into their share draft/checking account up to $500 maximum.
  • There is a fee of $29.50 for each transaction covered by Courtesy Pay.
  • Members have the option to Opt-Out of Courtesy Pay.

Overdraft Protection is an automatic service provided for members who have a Share Savings and Share Draft Checking Account. Overdraft protection allows members the convenience of avoiding embarrassment should a debit card or check transaction be declined.

  • Overdraft Protection will draw from a Share Savings Account to cover a transaction until the Share Savings has been depleted, or until there have been six electronic withdrawals out of the Share Savings Account during the current month.
  • There is a $5.00 fee associated with any Overdraft Protection use by the member.


  • Must have a Share Draft Checking Account open for a period of 90 consecutive days
  • Minimum monthly deposit of $100 during the months prior to use of Courtesy Pay
  • Qualified members may be covered on their VISA® Debit Card and Check transactions up to $500.00


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